Why is there such a need for translations and translating of all kinds?
Translations are a creative process and much more than merely one-to-one transformations of a word or groups of words from one language to another, but rather should also incorporate adjustments to foreign cultures, customes, behaviors and interactions.

Translation is a phenomenon which has a huge impact on our day-to-day life. This is due to the fact that the "global village" idea is growing ever closer to our daily lives, thanks to the fall of the Iron Curtain twenty years ago, in 1989, multinational alliances such as the European Union, the growing global role of the United Nations, the globalization of business, and the wonders of modern communication.

The prevalence of the Internet both at home and at work has created an ever-increasing urgency for accurate translation work.

Translating in its essence entails the ability of transferring the flavour of the source language into the target language.
The art of translating and translations is not merely a technical process.

The GLOBAL VILLAGE team works in full coordination and cooperation with its clients in order to assure that the results of the translation work answers the needs and expectations of clients and customers.

The loyalty and high rate-of-return of our clients attest to the fact that their needs and expectations are fully fulfilled.

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