About Us

Our Expertise and Specialization
Dr. Chani Hinker and Motti Mandelbaum, the managers at GLOBAL VILLAGE specialize in German, English, Yiddish and Hebrew translations.
There is also a team of translators specializing in many other languages and therefore GLOBAL VILLAGE is a multilingual translation firm.
Translations are carried out in Hebrew, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Persian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many more languages. As GLOBAL VILLAGE is located in Ramat Gan, Israel, the above mentioned languages are usually translated into English or Hebrew and vice versa, and occasionally into other languages. 

Professional Translation Team
The professional translation team at GLOBAL VILLAGE is skilled and has lots of translation experience.
The GLOBAL VILLAGE Translation team is made up of translators who speak many different languages as their mother tongue, with expertise in legal, technological, economic, trade and literary translations.

Our philosophy is that translation is a work of both
art and heart
The Company Managers
Dr. Chani Hinker
Dr. Chani Hinker is a native of Austria. She studied German Language and Literature as well as English and Art History and earned her doctorate in German literature with a thesis about the Austrian Jewish writer Friedrich Torberg with highest honors from Karl-Franzens-University in Graz, Austria.
After the completion of her studies she worked at the University Library in Graz.
After her immigration to Israel in the year 2000, Dr. Hinker worked together with the Jewish Agency for Israel for many years, active in setting up websites both in German and English.
Dr. Hinker has been writing and translating educational material for the Pedagogic Center of the Jewish Agency, Mibereshit Movement, Yad Vashem, the Jewish Zentralwohlfahrtstelle in Germany, the Herzl Museum and other organizations.
Dr. Hinker has translated countless German, English and Hebrew documents, including literary and academic texts as well as literature for children.

Motti Mandelbaum
Motti Mandelbaum, born in England, grew up in the United States. He has a degree in psychology from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio.
Motti Mandelbaum made “Aliyah” more than 30 years ago.
Among his other degrees, he is a licensed tax advisor from the Israel Tax Authority, authorized to represent the public in matters of income tax and land taxes.
Motti Mandelbaum translates in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and German.
Over the last decade Motti Mandelbaum has also been involved in teaching and tutoring English language to pupils, students and business English to people at management levels in the business world.  

Dr. Chani Hinker and Motti Mandelbaum are members of the Israel Translators Association.