Legal Translations

The Importance of Legal Translation
In our era of globalization the need for competent legal translations is greater than ever. Almost every aspect in life, from the cradle to grave so-to-speak, has legal implications. International trade and joint-ventures are on the rise, international treaties are being drawn up as countries attempt to cooperate – and, of course, conflicts around the world are still with us. Therefore, legal translation is one of the most common types of translation all over the world whether on a personal, national or international level.
Legal translation requires awareness and familiarity with the two legal systems of the two languages involved in a specific translation.  Each country has its own legal system and legal terminology.
Moreover, the language of law has a distinctive quality. It is often formulaic; it sometimes sounds old fashioned and legal texts have a special pragmatic status. 

Challenges for the Translator
There are quite a few challenges for the legal translator: he or she needs a basic knowledge of the legal systems of the source and target countries; knowledge of the required terminology; and competence in the specific legal writing style of the target country.
At GLOBAL VILLAGE Translations you will find an extensive network of native legal translators with the essential areas of expertise for legal translations. GLOBAL VILLAGE legal translators are armed with detailed knowledge of the source and target cultures, target language conventions, text type and genre conventions, style and understanding of the source and target audiences.

Our Services in the Field of Legal Translations
• Translation of personal documents (passport, birth, marriage, divorce, death, etc.)
• Translation of patents
• Translation of last Wills and Testaments
• Translation of statutes
• Translations of lawsuits
• Translation of contracts and agreements
• Translation of court rulings
• Translation of rulings and decisions by Civil Courts, Rabbinical Courts, and Sharia Courts, etc.
• Translation of statements of defence
• Translation of legal articles
• Translation of school application forms and other documents for study abroad
• Translation of powers of attorney
• Translation of lawyers’ websites
• Translation of Internet-related legal matters
• Translation of litigation materials
• Translation of compensation and restitution matters
• Translation of international treaties
• Translation of banking and financial documents
• Translation of Articles of Association
• Translation of affidavits
• Translation of real estate documents
• Translation of authorizations of agents
• Translation of trademarks
Your legal translation can be quickly and easily notarized at GLOBAL VILLAGE Translations for national or international use.