Notary Translations

Notary Translations - Fast and Reliable
In need of a quick credible notary translation?  Well, you've come to the right place! There is no better place for that than Global Village Translations. At our company - Global Village Translations - you can get your notary translation in one day or sooner.
Credibility of the Translation

Each and every document undergoes precise and exacting examination to make sure that everything has been correctly and reliably translated.
Competitive Prices

By its very nature, a notary translation is more expensive than a regular translation because a notary translation requires examination and confirmation by a professional - the attorney and notary providing the seal. Nevertheless, the company Global Village Translations always makes sure that the price you pay remains reasonable and competitive. You are invited to contact us and get a price offer.
Our offices are in Ramat Gan

Only a stone’s throw away from Tel Aviv, our offices are easily accessible in central Ramat Gan and conveniently on the ground floor.
Discretion and Privacy
We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of your documents and therefore take every care to handle them with the full discretion and privacy they deserve!
Notary Translation of Documents and Certificates

As a matter of routine we translate all kinds of documents -- birth, marriage, divorce, diplomas, licenses, grade-results sheet, prenuptial agreements, Last Will and Testament, etc. Our notary translations are recognized and respected by all embassies.
Languages of our Translation Service

Our notary translation service is given in all European languages including English, German, French, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, etc. as well as in most other languages.