Our Services

GLOBAL VILLAGE Translation specializes in German, English, Yiddish and Hebrew, while also working in most other European and world languages, via our extensive contacts with other qualified translators.
We provide your total translation and localization needs at reasonable rates:

• Translation of ontracts and agreements
• Translation of lawsuits and court rulings
• Translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts
• Translation of all kinds of documents including birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates
• Translation of academic certificates of every stripe
• Translation of materials of governmental and quasi-governmental agencies and organizations
• Translation of bank loan contracts
• Translation of business and economic communications
• Tourism translations, pamphlets, leaflets, etc.
• Translation of many varied websites
• Literary translation including published books and manuscripts
• Translation of newspaper articles
• Translation of academic and research work
• Translation of educational and scholastic materials
The editing department of GLOBAL VILLAGE includes editing services of proofreading and language-editing in German, Hebrew, English and other languages.
The GLOBAL VILLAGE transcription team deals with transcribing a variety of languages from MP3 recordings, discs and transcription files.