Technical Translations

The Importance of Technical Translation
In recent years, the variety of technical texts has grown significantly. Today’s clients of a translation office invest a lot in professional technical writers, document design and market testing.
Technical translations amount to approximately 90 percent of the overall world-wide translations. This shows the importance of the availability of technical information in various languages which is motivated by the ever-growing international focus of many companies.
The most important issue in technical translation is knowing how to write the texts. A translator must produce texts which are identical to those produced by technical writers in the target language. The translator's linguistic and writing skills must be excellent. Style, as the way to write things, the chosen words and the construction of sentences is of utmost importance for technical translations. Information must be expressed in a clear, concise and simple way so that the reader will understand everything quickly and completely. At the same time, the necessary facts must be conveyed. Therefore, style has the most profound effects on the quality of technical translations.

Challenges for the Translator
The challenges for a technical translator are to be able to research subjects and to have comprehensive knowledge of the way experts in a particular field write texts.
At GLOBAL VILLAGE Translations you will find an extensive network of native technical translators with the expertise essential for technical translations: research and writing skills, knowledge of the subject and text types as well as pedagogical skills. The GLOBAL VILLAGE technical translators are – of course – characterized by a detailed knowledge of the source and target cultures, target language conventions, text type and genre conventions, style and understanding of the target audiences.

Our Services in the Field of Technical Translations
• Translation of journal articles and engineering documents
• Translation of patents
• Translation of user manuals
• Translation of technical specifications
• Translation of tender invitations
• Translation of contracts
• Translation of licences
• Translation of assembly instructions
• Translation of installation guides
• Translation of presentations
• Translation of invention documents
• Translation of magazine articles
• Translation of maintenance procedures
• Translation of training materials
• Translation of scientific reports
• Translation of requirement documentations
• Translation of standards by Israel Standards Institute and foreign standards institutes
• Translation of military training simulators and other simulators
• Translation of technical manuals
• Translation of medical and pharmaceutical package-inserts
• Translation of health products leaflets, etc.
• Translation of manuals and booklets for medical-aid products such as defibrillators and more